DAVIDO AND NAS’ BIRTHDAY CAKE COLLABORATION came about when the pair met for the first time in the toilet of a studio in Los Angeles.

The Nigerian explained that he was already putting the song together with producer Hit Boy when he needed to go to the bathroom.

And while he was washing his hands, Davido looked up and to his surprise, noticed that Nas was also in the toilet about to walk out.

Davido said while on Kick Game: “Hit Boi invited me to a studio in LA and we was just recording.

Embed from Getty Images

“So I go to the bathroom and when I’m washing my hands I look back and see Nas walking out.”

The pair then went on to have a brief introduction exchanging compliments, took a picture together and that was that.

But when he got back to the studio, Davido had the idea to put Nas on the track he was recording alongside Hit Boy and asked him if he thinks Nas would be interested in jumping on it.

Embed from Getty Images

Hit Boy told him there’s only one way to find out which was to ask the Queensbridge born rapper and at first, Davido was sceptical because they had just met.

However Nas ended up coming into their studio session, and when Davido asked him if he would get on Birthday Cake, he had no problem with doing it.

Davido added: “He came to the studio and said yeah, and did it right there and then.”

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