ADELE AND AMY WINEHOUSE ARE TWO of the biggest musical exports the UK has produced in recent times.

Both singers have had colossal success with their music, selling millions of albums worldwide, and also managed to crack the elusive American market with their unique sounds.

But their musical success and abilities aren’t the only similarities that the pair have, something else they had in common is their love of alcohol.

Sadly, Amy’s drink addiction turned out to be fatal and after captivating the world with her voice, she tragically passed away from a alcohol poisoning in 2011.

And Adele feared she was heading down the same path as her musical idol Amy as her drinking habits spiralled out of control as her fame and notoriety soared.

Adele also explained that her as a child her dad struggled with alcohol addiction, which affected their relationship, so she wanted to know what was dope about it when she got older.

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The Tottenham born singer told Vogue: “I’ve always had a close relationship with alcohol, I was always very fascinated by alcohol.

“It’s what kept my dad from me, so I wanted to know what was so great about it.”

But as she soon realised, being drunk in public when you’re famous is gold for the media who will do almost anything to get a story, irrespective of how it affects the person.

Adele added: “They descend, and descend on you, which drives you fxcking mad.”

And Adele thinks the press’ hounding of Amy while she was in a similar state also had a negative affect on the Back To Black singer before her death.

Adele recalls witnessing Amy, who died as she was on the rise, tragic decline in the media and that didn’t sit well with her.

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She continued: “I got really famous right as Amy Winehouse died, and we watched her die right in front of our eyes. It really offended me.”

Amy’s death had a major impact on Adele because she was the reason the 33-year-old started playing the guitar.

And Adele felt a deep bond with Amy because she connected with her inner troubles, they’re both British, plus she had a great sense of humour.

She said: “I picked up the guitar because of Amy’s first album, she means the most to me out of all the artists.

“Because she was British, because she was amazing, because she was tortured, because she was so funny.”

So to avoid suffering the same fate as her idol, Adele decided she has to take the power back from the media and not let them dictate how she was perceived by the public.

Which is why the singer went off the radar and weren’t seen for some time, to avoid being a target for the press.

And she thinks it worked because now people see her as a recluse, which is just how she likes it.

She went on the explain her theory and said: “I’m not having these people I don’t know take my legacy, my story away from me, and decide what I can leave behind or what I take with me.

“I was very reclusive, it paid off I think, people are used to me being a recluse.”

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