IF CHINA AND TAIWAN GO TO WAR it will affect our lives in the West in a major way.

It may seem like the escalating battle brewing in the Far East has nothing to do with us, but if they go at it, life as we know it could come crashing to a halt.

As a result of any bloodshed, some of the most important possessions we own, cars, laptops and mobile phones, could stop being produced until the problems between China and Taiwan are resolved.

And this is because Tawain is home to the world’s largest semiconductor chip company, TMSC, who produce a staggering 84% of advanced chips across the globe, according to The Economist.

Semiconductor chips are electrical chips that are responsible for powering our phones, cars, computers and most electrical stuff that we own.

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Even Twitter and TikTok can’t run without semiconductor chips, so even checking social media apps could possibly be a myth.

Although there are other companies around the world that could try and supply the demand for the chips, it won’t be the same quality that is provided by TMSC, whose chips are at least a decade more advanced than any of their closest rivals including American firm Intel.

This is why Apple rely on TMSC solely o help them produce the iPhone which is arguably the most popular phone owned in the Western world.

And to top it off, the semiconductor chip industry is already in a drought that could continue into 2022, CNBC reported, so Taiwanese company TMSC shutting down due to war is the last thing the world needs.

However, China doesn’t seem to be care about none of that and tensions between the countries have been rising in the last few weeks.

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China see Taiwan as a part of their country but Taiwan views itself as independent, which is the cause of their beef.

And recently the Chinese have been pressing Taiwan to accept that they’re a part of them, but the Taiwanese are standing strong.

The Taiwaneses’ rebellious stance has infuriated China’s president,  Xi Jinping who said: “No one should underestimate the Chinese people’s strong determination, will and capability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

But Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen hit back and said her country is ready to do whatever they need to do to defend its independence.

With no side willing to back down, we might have to get prepared o spend time without our favourite electronic goods unless the British and American governments can diffuse the argument and get the two sides to reach a middle ground.

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