A RAPPER GOING TO JAIL isn’t anything new so there weren’t many people surprised when drill artist Loski ended up doing some time.

Alot of the time going inside has a positive impact on a rapper’s career and they often see a spike in streams and sales as fans eagerly anticipate their return.

But this wasn’t the case for Harlem Spartan member Loski, who feels going to jail for allegedly rolling with a loaded pistol in 2019 affected his career in a negative way.

Before he went away, Loski was arguably one of the hottest artists to emerge from the rising drill scene with bangers such as Forrest Gump which peaked on the UK Charts at No.88 ringing off in the streets.

He even made a connection with global megastar Drake who credited Loski for influencing his style on his Scorpion album.

Embed from Getty Images

But since his release from the slammer in 2020, the 21-year-old doesn’t feel he’s where he should be in his career and he blames that on the bird that he did.

Although he’s still popping in the streets, recently releasing a string of hits, and working with grime icon Stormzy since stepping back on the curb, if he didn’t go jail Loski believes his career would’ve reached unimaginable heights by now.

A frustrated Loski broke this down on the +44 podcast on Amazon where he said: “Since I went away in 2019, everything that I do with my career, it’s like (kisses his teeth).

“Even if do good, it’s like, ‘but brudda imagine if I didn’t go jail,’ it would’ve been even madder so I’m always going to be mad with myself.”

And when show host Zeze Millz suggested that going to prison enhances his image, Loski was quick to shut her down and responded: “Listen, none of that’s worth it.”

But he did agree with her that some rappers do like going to prison as they believe it does give their careers a boost, claiming that some of them probably include it in the rollout for their albums.

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