The Philidelphia artist has two No.1 Billboard albums to his name, and has also been nominated for a Grammy since he blew up in 2016.

But before his rise to fame, Uzi Vert was allegedly distributing lean, the popular substance used by rappers to make a living.

His early flirtation with the drug game is how Uzi got to meet fellow rap star G Herbo, according to the Chiraq native.

Swervo claims he was on tour in Atlanta a few years back when Uzi rolled up to provide one of his homies with a mix of prescribed cough syrup, which is mixed with a soft drink of choice.

Embed from Getty Images

Herb told Rolling Stone: “It was like 2014 or ’15, I was on tour in Atlanta, and he [Uzi] pulled on my homie Maison and served him some lean. This was before he blew up.”

A lot happened in the next few years since they first met and Uzi went on to be a global superstar when he released classic mixtape Luv Is Rage in 2015.

And the next time Herb and Uzi linked up was in 2020, but this time there was no lean selling involved and the pair collaborated to produce the smash hit PTSD, which appeared on Herb’s album of the same name.

Herb added: “That’s when we did my last record and we’ve just been locked in ever since.”

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