The beef between Durk’s crew (64th) and Duck’s posse (63rd), which is the cause of numerous deaths in the drill capital, was so serious that it spilled over into the rap game too.

Meaning other rappers had to pick a side, so if you messed with Durk, it would be a sin to mess with Duck, and vice versa.

But 21 Savage unknowingly got caught up Chicago’s war when he jumped on the remix of Duck’s Slide song in 2018, despite being homies with Durk.

Coming from Atlanta, Savage claims he was unaware of the Chicago’s street politics which Durk and Duck were embroiled in.

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The 28-year-old explained to DJ Akademiks: “I didn’t know nothing about their beef or none of that shxt.”

So when Duck asked him to jump on the remix, he thought why not?

It was only when he agreed to do the song, Savage alleges that he found out how serious things were in Chiraq.

But by that time he already agreed to do the track with Duck and being a man of his word, he had to go through with it regardless of how close he was with Durk.

Savage added: “But when I found out I already told Duck I was gonna do the song, so I was like I gotta do the song.”

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If Savage had known how serious the issues were in Durk’s city, he suggests that the Duck collab would never of happened in the first place.

He went on to say: “After I did the song, I found out what happened, I was like damn I didn’t even know this shxt was going on.

“But it was still like shxt, it is what it is.”

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