GIGGS’ CHOICE TO SHOOT HIS RAP VIDEO WITH MEEK MILL outside Peckham McDonald’s may of been a surprise to some people.

The rapper’s could’ve shot that particular scene at any of London’s finest spots, but Giggs decided to bring Meek to his local Maccy D’s branch.

That’s because although McDonald’s may just be a regular take-away shop to others, the fast food joint on Peckham’s high street played a major part in Giggs’ younger life.

Not only did the Landlord have some of his earliest birthday’s there, he also revealed that he worked in McDonald’s as an adolescent, although it was only for a few weeks to keep his mum happy.

Embed from Getty Images

This is why shooting the vid with Meek outside there was an iconic moment for the Peckham native.

He explained: “The other day when man had Meek outside McDonald’s, these times I’m just standing there like [amazed].

“These times man worked in that McDonald’s for a couple weeks!

At the time, Giggs was a troublesome teen, getting arrested by the police so he thought: “Let me get a job.”

But after spending a short time behind the counter, Giggs realised McDonald’s weren’t the career path for him and quit, despite telling his mum he got sacked.

Luckily for Hollowman, his mum was took his word for it and instead of telling him off, she marched him to the junk food spot to give them a piece of her mind for ‘sacking’ her son.

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