RIHANNA recently dropped the latest line of Savage X Fenty fashion line to the delight her fans.

But not everyone was happy about Rhi Rhi’s latest Fenty release which was debuted on Amazon Prime due to the hairstyle choice of some of the models used to promote it.

The Bajan Billionaire used stars such as a Whole Lotta Money artist Bia, supermodel Gigi Hadid and Kanye West’s rumoured boo Irina Shayk to promote her new Fenty designs, which included pieces for both men and women.

But it was the incorporation of braids used on actress High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens and star of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video Emily Ratajkowski that caused static amongst some fashion critics.

The sight of the pair, along with several other white women in the hairstyle used predominantly by black women made a few of the commentators wish they were warned beforehand that so many Caucasian females would be in braids.

All the most notable critics of Rhianna’s choice to put the white women in braids were black themselves.

Comedian Raina Morris is usually full of jokes but she didn’t see nothing funny in the singer’s decision.

She tweeted: “I wish I could write something as funny as putting all these white girls in braids for the Fenty show.”

Embed from Getty Images

Her view was echoed by photographer Dylan Ali who wrote: “I love the Fenty show but I think we need a trigger warning for seeing this many white women in braids.”

And black author St Clair Detrick-Jules said it was exhausting to keep seeing white women rocking braids as the hairstyle means so much to black women.

Detrick-Jules elaborated that for black women, braids are not just a hairstyle or fashion statement, they’re a sign of the trauma they’ve faced throughout history, which is why she and others feel upset with Rihanna’s choice.

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