BOUNCER AND HIS FORMER ARTIST DIG DAT had a well publicised fall-out earlier this year.

After achieving great success together with Dig Dat’s song Air Force, which was the first UK Drill track to hit the charts, the pair went there separate ways.

It soon became clear that the reason they were no longer in business was because Dig Dat had sacked Bouncer, who had guided him to super-stardom.

At the time Bouncer was hurt that someone he done so much for could’ve turned their back on him, and vented his frustration about the situation and Dig Dat on social media.

But fast forward several months, the business mogul now thinks being sacked was the best thing that has happened to him in the entertainment business so far.

Because if Dig Dat didn’t make Bouncer unemployed, the Thornton Heath hustler wouldn’t have started any of his successful ventures which include his energy drink Wicked n Bad, along with his production company that bears the same name.

Bounce also just had one of the most talked about MMA fights of the year that he showed on his own platform against Armz Korleone.

Reflecting on how blessed his been since the Dig Dat saga to Tricky in his The Come Up 2 Documentary, Bounce said: “Bro, I can’t lie to you, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, getting sacked.

“Because I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now if that didn’t happen to me.”

Bounce also revealed that since the Dig Dat break-up, he’s managed to get two songs produced and released on American singer Doja Cat’s album via his business partner in America.

But despite all the good that’s come from what was a bad situation, it could’ve nearly went the other way for Bouncer, who nearly reverted back to his street ways to handle the issue with Dig Dat.

He added: “I nearly went back to the roads, I was ready to risk it all.”

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