INSTAGRAM STAR JUSTIN LA BOY’S the reason that The Lox featured on Kanye West’s new Donda album, Jadakiss has revealed.

The social media celebrity, who was chilling with Kanye when the album was being made, was so blown away by The Lox’s Verzuz performance against Dipset, that he hit the group up the same night to see if they wanted to be involved with the Donda project.

But if La Boy, who got famous by putting out funny relationship memes, didn’t have Jada’s son’s number the collaboration on the Jesus Lord, Pt. 2 track wouldn’t of manifested.

Jada revealed that La Boy hit up his offspring as soon as the Verzuz battle was over, but when his son told him, the raspy-voiced rapper thought he was lying.

Embed from Getty Images

Jada explained to GQ: “Justin LaBoy hit my son up that same night. I thought my son was trippin’, just getting extra DMs like all of us were immediately afterwards.”

But when Yeezy’s people called the trio the next morning to see if they could come to Atlanta to jump on Donda, he knew it wasn’t a joke.

However The Lox weren’t about to pay for the trip themselves and told Kanye’s team that if they send a jet to pick them up, the collab could happen.

Jada added: “But the next day, people from Ye’s camp called us and asked if we could come to Atlanta—like, right now—to get on Donda. We were like, ‘Yeah, if you send a jet today, we’ll come.'”

Their demand didn’t phase Kanye who sent the jet over to pick The Lox up the same night, and they recorded the track in a makeshift studio Ye made for them at the Falcon Stadium in Atlanta where he was recording.

And once that was out the way, they chilled for awhile, watched Ye perform at one of his shows, then flew back to New York.

Which Jada broke down while finishing the story: “He sent it later that night, we went straight to the Falcons arena, they played us a few songs, set us up in some side room which he turned into a makeshift studio, and we knocked it out.

“Then we went to the hotel, showered, ate breakfast, relaxed a little, went back to the arena, watched the show, then went home.”

Kanye weren’t the only one impressed with Jada and his peers display against Dipset, radio host Charlemagne believed Jada’s performance was so epic, that it was comparable to basketball legend Michael Jordan’s one at the same Madison Square Garden arena.

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