NAOMI CAMPBELL CLAIMS the British government tried to use her to smooth over relations with the black community after the Windrush scandal and she declined.

The Tory party, who were being led by Theresa May at the time, were under fire when it emerged that they had deported and detained hundreds of Caribbean’s who had came to England during the Windrush migration and were allowed to stay in the 1940’s.

But the Tories and May faced backlash for the decision and after heavy public pressure, they changed their stance and allowed Windrush migrants to remain in the UK.

Following all the bad press that ensued, the Tories allegedly invited Naomi to No.10 in an apparent publicity stunt, the supermodel claims.

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However, Naomi claims she turned down the government’s Downing Street because she didn’t want to be used as a pawn against her own people, who she would never turn her back on.

The 51-year-old revealed how her exchange with the Tories about the Windrush scandal, which also deeply affected her, went down on the BBC’s HARDtalk program.

She explained: “I actually was invited to No.10 for an event after the faux pas (embarrassing remark) was said and I refused.

“Because I felt like I was being used [and they thought] let’s get Naomi Campbell in here, it’ll make it okay if she comes.

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“I will never go against my people, never. And this was when Theresa May was Prime Minister, so I refused and said I’m not going to attend.”

But although Naomi weren’t on discussing Windrush with May in front of all the cameras and flashing lights, she did go and meet the ex-Prime Minister quietly behind closed doors once the dust had settled.

And the South London native said that her rendezvous with May before she left No.10 was productive as the former Tory leader was remorseful about her conduct during the Windrush scandal.

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