ANTHONY JOSHUA NEARLY GOT into a scrap with Jay-Z the first time they met.

Joshua was still on his come-up when he bumped into Hov at a Will Smith film premiere quite some years back.

The heavyweight boxer was in awe of the rapper and wanted to take a picture with him to capture the moment.

But Jay wasn’t happy with how Joshua got him to take the picture and things nearly went left between the pair.

Instead of calling the 51-year-old and asking him for a pic, Joshua pulled Hov by the hand at the mansion they was in.

And if looks could kill, Joshua would’ve been dead by the one that Jay gave him.

But Joshua was determined to document his night with Hov and instead of being phased by the tension between them, he gave the camera to someone who got the pic taken.

Joshua detailed how the incident went down to William Hill and said: In my head, I was like, ‘Yo, there’s Jay-Z.’ Know what I mean? Ready to jump down the balcony, But I thought [nah] ‘Play it cool.’

“So I thought, ‘What way is he gonna come up these stairs? Because if I stand on the left and he goes on right, there’s too many people, it’s a premiere.

“Thank God I stood at the right side. As he come up, I was kind of like (grabs his wrist), ‘Jay, do you mind if I get a picture?

“And he kind of looked at my hand, yeah, like, ‘Boy, I will bust your head if you don’t get off my hand.'”

“But it was just one of those things where I just gave the guy the camera, and in that picture – I think it’s one of the first pictures on my Instagram – Jay-Z has just got a plain face. And there’s me with a big smile.”

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