THERE’S MANY NEGATIVE CONNATATION’S that surround Drill music and the effect it has on people.

But rapper M1llionz disputes that the genre is all bad and claims that there’s actually some beauty in it.

One of the perks that Drill brings is that it takes many youngsters out of the harsh environments they’ve grown up in.

And besides filling up their pockets, it also allows the artists to change the lives of those close to them by creating new job roles.

Embed from Getty Images

Once they blow up, artists need managers, stylists, caterers, and hype-men, all jobs which they can give to their family and friends.

M1llions explained this to The Guardian and said: “Music brings jobs as well, and opportunities. So from me rapping, when I get to a certain stage, my friends can start rapping – well, they already have.

“Then my other friend can be a manager, my cousin can be a tour manager, my auntie could be a caterer, my girl could be a stylist.”

The Birmingham star, who just released his new mixtape Provisional Licence, has already started to prove the positive effect Drill can have himself by donating toys and food to children in Ghana, something he wants to keep doing all across the globe.

And it’s acts like this that M1llionz feels the press should highlight, not just concentrate on the violent acts that may occur from time to time.

He added: “It’s taken you from wherever you was a couple years ago and now you’re on TV, doing charity work, all these things … I think they should focus on the positive and not the negative.”

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