TION WAYNE’S BEEN ON A EPIC RUN MUSICALLY for the past few years which has seen him become one of the stand-out stars in the UK rap scene.

The Edmonton musician has been a regular feature in the rap charts this year and became the first star to get a No.1 in the UK with ‘drill song’ Body, alongside Russ.

To top off his phenomenal 2021, he’s just released his debut album ‘Green With Envy’ that’s also doing well in the charts.

But despite his recent success and all the perks that come with it, Tion claims that the achievements and accolades aren’t for him, and that he does it all for his people.

Embed from Getty Images

Tion feels like after all the times that he’s messed up, God must’ve of put him the position of power and he plans to use it in the right way.

He explained to The Guardian: “It’s not for me any more, it’s for my people. I feel like God sent me to be that guy.”

And although the general public might not be aware of his capabilities due to the negativity that sometimes overshadows it, Tion says that’ll all change once people hear his first project.

He added: “Because I’ve had so many messes-up on my way here, people have never actually deeped what I’m capable of. This is my first chance to show that in the eyes of the public.”

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