ONE OF THE HIT’S FROM DRAKE’S Certified Lover Boy album was ‘Way 2 Sexy’ which featured Future and Young Thug.

The song, which is a twist on Right Said Fred’s 1991 single ‘I’m Too Sexy‘, has gone on to reach No.1 on the US Billboard Charts.

And you’ll see the chorus displayed in most youngster’s captions on Instagram since its release.

But fans have to thank Future, not Drizzy, for the hit as without Hendrixx, it wouldn’t of been made.

The Atlanta rapper was the one who came up with the idea for ‘Way 2 Sexy’ after he heard the beat in the studio, the song’s producer, TM88 revealed to Billboard.

When TM88 played Future the beat, he told the producer to add the sample in to make it complete.

TM88 said, when breaking down the song’s creation: “The sample was actually Future’s idea, he was like, ‘Man add this sample in there.

“And my boy who is his engineer, he was like, ‘I got it.’ He found the sample and put that little piece in the beginning.

“It happened to just ride through.”

Then Future decided to add Drake and Thug to the track, and the rest was history.

And instead of deciding to keep W2S for his own album, Pluto let Drake have it for his CLB project.

TM88 went on to say: “It could’ve went on Future’s album, but I feel like in Future’s mind, he was going to put Drake on it anyway.”

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