MANY RAPPERS SIGN A RECORD DEAL for lots of money with a major label and forget their humble beginnings in the process.

Most of the rappers come from harsh street environments where there’s a certain set of codes and ethics that the community abide by, and the big cheque from a corporation can make them lose sight of all that they know.

Things like going to going to eat in fancy places in the city alone and going to see a girl they’ve just met without letting no-one know is forbidden in the hood but now they’ve been signed, rappers start making it a habit.

The street born musicians also start to move different with the local youngsters in the area who they grew up and buy expensive jewellery whilst still living amongst the hungry youths.

But South London artist K-Trap has warned up and coming rappers that doing any of the above could end in tears.

So he thinks the best thing for rappers to do once they get the bag is to stay humble, grounded and never forget their roots to survive in the jungles that they come from.

As when you forget and act brand new, that’s when problems arise and rappers get done ‘dirty’ by their old friends.

Trapo explained his theory to Amarudontv, he said: “If you come from the streets, don’t let the industry or any of this stuff trick you out of remembering how the streets are.

“I feel like alot of people come in the game, they might sign to a label, things might start getting lit and they start forgetting stuff.

“A man will sign to a label and think, I gotta bit of money now I can go eat uptown, I can go link this girl by myself.

“I can go buy this watch and live on the ends, and fxck off the yutes that are on the ends and have a big watch while living at my mums house.

“The money, these different people cloud their heads and that’s how they get done dirty.

“So never forget the streets, never forget where you come from.”

And K-Trap, whose independent mixtape ‘Trapo’ just hit the UK Top 40 Chart, isn’t just dishing out advice he doesn’t abide by himself.

Just before he signed his old deal before going independent, one of his own friends reminded him not to let the money change who he is.

He recalled: “I remember my close friend told me just before I signed, don’t forget where you come,” which are words that have stuck with Trap up to this day.

Although he does think getting big cheques is good for the game, Trap doesn’t think there’s enough of it going around in the UK just yet for people to completely remove themselves from their old environments, like in America where musicians are buying acres of lands.

Trap added: “Obviously there’s people that’s [financially] gone off this music ting, but I ain’t seen people getting enough money to just forget the streets.”

A prime example of this is when East London artist Yung Bane got robbed on his own estate by the local youths for his watch, so other rappers should take note of what Trap’s saying before they also become victims of their past.

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