SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD is always coming up with a new phrase that becomes popular and gets used by the masses.

And usually they don’t want much from their creation other than for those who use it to pay homage.

We’ve seen this in recent times with the term ‘No Cap’ which rapper Future claims he made popular.

But rarely does anyone think to turn a phrase they and others use into a brand, which is what entrepreneur Bouncer, who used to manage drill artist Dig Dat, had done with ‘Wicked n Bad’.

Initially it was just some words he and his friends would use when speaking to each other.

Bouncer broke down to SE Dons footballer Big G-Kam: “We kept on saying Wicked n Bad, everyone started to know the name but it wasn’t enough.”

However as Wicked n Bad was becoming more well known a switch flicked in Bouncer’s head and he thought hold on, I can turn this into something.

And that’s exactly what the South London mogul, who’s having his first MMA fight against Armz Korleone tonight, has done.

Now the phrase is no longer just a saying, it’s also a energy drink and the name of his production company, which is live streaming his fight.

Bouncer added: “Now we’ve made Wicked n Bad into an energy drink, now we’ve got production, live-streaming [called] Wicked n Bad, it just goes hand in hand.”

But Bounce ain’t stopping there and has already got the next phrase he plans to turn into pounds trademarked and ready to go, although he hasn’t got a use for it yet.

He’s recently been heard saying ‘Yo My People’ which will keep becoming more popular, so when he is ready to strike with it, everyone will already be aware of it.

Bounce explained in further detail: “I own the trademark of Yo My People, so when I’m ready to do something [with it] people will be like ‘okay that makes sense.’


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