NIGERIAN FRAUDSTER HUSH PUPPI nearly managed to trick a Premier League football club out of £100MILLION, it’s been reported.

And the 37-year-old would’ve been successful in his attempt to scam the unidentified Prem club if it weren’t for the stern UK banking system in 2019, the BBC claim.

The BBC alleged that some banks in the UK were sceptical about transferring the large sum to a bank in Mexico, where Puppi was operating at the time, which caused the potential fraud to be stopped.

Puppi’s unnamed partner in crime who was in contact with the banks let him know things went pear-shaped via text.

He wrote: “Brother I can’t send from UK to Mexico. They keep finding out.”

If they had managed to pull off the £100m scam, it would’ve been done through a system called Business Email Compromise.

BEC allows a scammer to intercept payments using a fake email address which is almost identical to the real user’s, minus one number or letter that will be different.

The fraudsters will then use these details to pretend to be a supplier awaiting payment for a service they’ve provided to another company.

But will tell that company they’ve changed banks accounts so they need to transfer the money to a new one.

And not happy with the £100m, the BBC also claim that Puppi was trying to get double that amount from another UK firm at the same time but that didn’t go through either.

The scams that Puppi did pull off have now got him sitting in a cell in America facing up to 20 years after he pleaded guilty to money laundering following his arrest by the FBI last year.

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