RAPPERS DAVE and AJ TRACEY have gone on to have incredible runs in the music game over the past few years.

But the first time they all were on the stage performing together was at Tion Wayne’s headline show back in 2017, the Edmonton rapper claims.

As he was one of the first people to have a headline show in the UK, Tion feels responsible for bringing them, and many other artists around each other in the beginning.

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And not just musicians, Tion had managers, directors and cameramen at his gig who have all had great success since that day.

Reflecting on his sold-out event on his self-titled documentary, Tion recalled: “I’m looking at the camera thinking these are all people who have progressed in this game you know.

“That’s some school that everyone graduated out of bro, it’s crazy.

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“Platinum-selling artists, big directors in the game, managers, it’s just crazy to see that we were all grafting since then.

“And I was the person that brought all them people together.”

The show was so crazy and packed, Birmingham rapper Mist couldn’t even get into the building even though he was on fire at the time because he arrived late.

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At the time, Dave and AJ Tracey were on the come up and had just released their song Thiago Silva which has gone on to reach 45million views on YouTube.

And both have had phenomenal success since then, with Dave getting two No.1 albums consecutively and AJ’s last album Flu Game reaching No.3 on the charts.

Now Tion will get his chance to compete with his peers when he releases his first album Green With Envy later this week.

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