THERE’S NOT MANY RAPPERS that can be compared to Jay-Z, but Kanye West thinks he’s finally found Hov’s equivalent in up and coming drill rapper Fivio Foreign.

Ye got to see Fivio at work when they made drill banger Off The Grid which recently appeared on his new Donda album.

Following the album’s release this month, the pair along with a few others who featured on Donda, such as Lil Yachty and Pusha T, were discussing the project and Fivio’s impact on it.

Which led Fivio to ask Ye, who’s worked with the best in the game during his career, who he rapped like.

Embed from Getty Images

But the question appeared to stump Ye, who initially brushed it off with a blunt “I don’t know” response, Fivio told Power 106.

However, Fivio’s query seemed to be playing on Ye’s mind and shortly after he finally came back with an answer, which was Hov.

Fivio said Kanye spontaneously jumped up and said: “Yo I got it! Jay-Z!, He’s like Hov!”

Kanye then went on to list a number of things that he saw in both of them, including that they’re both from Brooklyn and have slain rapper friends that had deep voices.

Kanye added: “Hov was friends with the nxgga with a deep voice and he died.”

And when a confused Fivio asked him who he was on about, he said: “Biggie…Pop[Smoke]…Brooklyn.”

When it comes to Hov, Kanye may be one of the only people that can make a comparison as he shares a close relationship with him.

The Roc Nation boss gave Kanye his first record deal when he signed him to Rocafella records after the Yeezy founder started out making beats for Hov.

They then went on to make several classics together, including legendary mixtape Watch The Throne.

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