WHEN PEOPLE SAW HACKNEY WICK FC owner Bobby Kasanga hustling for money to get his football club started they thought he was crazy.

Kasanga recalled how people he knew would ridicule him for standing outside his local Tesco stores in Hackney with a yellow bucket trying to get his football club off the ground.

But you never know who’s watching and little did the sceptics know that Kasanga’s determination to stand in the rain practically begging for money would attract the attention of two of the world’s biggest corporation’s, Nike and BT Sports.

And those pounds Kasanga was asking for have now turned into thousands as both companies are now his club’s official sponsors.

However, if he wasn’t mentally strong enough to shut out the noise from others and stay committed to his cause, that wouldn’t be the case today as he would’ve shut up shop.

Embed from Getty Images

Thankfully he didn’t, and now he and Hackney Wick are reaping the awards of Kasanga’s humility.

Kasanga explained to the CEOCAST that while some people were horrified by what he was doing, others including Nike and BT representatives were intrigued and approached him to find out more.

To which he responded: “I’m fundraising for our football club,” and they were like, “take my card I’m with Nike, take my card I’m with BT Sports.

“So now I’ve built my network from being on the streets with our buckets.”

And those early introductions were the start of Kasanga’s fruitful relationship with both firms, which he elaborated on.

He added: “And now look at that, Nike sponsor our football club, BT Sports pay for and sponsor our events.”

But it’s not by choice that Kasanga chose to hustle outside of Tesco, for him it was what he needed to do as he had no money after his stint in prison to fund his vision for Hackney Wick FC.

Who he’s taken from amateur level to being the area’s first semi-professional team in nearly a 100 years.

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