RICK ROSS’ EXPERIENCE WITH COVID-19 didn’t just have an impact on his physical health, it also messed up his sex life.

Ross had what he says was a ‘vicious’ bout of covid, that meant while he was laid up, he couldn’t lie down with anyone.

It was the first time in rapper’s life, that he wasn’t able to get an erection for two whole weeks.

He explained his penis troubles during covid on The Breakfast Club, and said: “Man, that was the first time my dxck ain’t get hard for in two weeks.

Embed from Getty Images

But luckily for Ross and his lovers, the Wing Stop owner’s back standing stronger than he ever in the bedroom.

He added: “I’m back though, Rozay back!”

Ross’ battle with the disease, which he labels the ‘fungus’ was so harsh that he even named the introduction of his book, The Perfect Day To Boss Up, after it.

He explained that he called the intro, The Fungus Is Among Us, as a testament to his recovery from Covid.

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