JAY-Z is reportedly about to go up against Amazon boss Jeff Bezos for ownership of NFL team Denver Broncos.

Although the Broncos aren’t up for sale at the moment, sources claim they will be summer next year, Front Sports Office reports.

The team find themselves on the market after owner Pat Bowlen passed away in 2019.

Since Bolwlen’s passing, his children have been beefing over ownership of the Broncos and a lawsuit was even filed by two of them which was dismissed by a judge.

Bowlen’s kids beef, plus the team’s sale price of £2.8million could see Jay-Z or Bezos strike a deal for the Broncos depending on who gets their first.

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Multi-Billionaire Bezos has the financial edge over Jay-Z in any potential deal for the Broncos, and was previously interested in buying a stake in another NFL side, the Washington Football Team.

Although Jay’s also a billionaire, his b’s ain’t the same as Bezos and he’ll need to get some partners to take on the Amazon founder.

If the Roc Nation owner manages to buy the Broncos, he will become the first black owner of a NFL team.

It might help Hov in his attempt to buy the Denver-based club as he’s already in business with the NFL.

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The multi-selling platinum rapper entered into partnership with the American football bosses to help them with their social justice efforts, Vox reported.

As part of the deal, Jay and Roc Nation will help the NFL choose acts to perform for events like the Superbowl.

And it’s not the first time Hov has owned a sports team, in 2004 he brought a £723,000 stake in NBA team the Brooklyn Jets, which he sold for £1.6m nine years later.

Hov’s also dipped his feet in the world of sports gambling, along with his Ace of Spades deal with LVMH, and becoming the new face of Tiffany with With Beyonce, he’s now the first black gambling investor with company Sports Fanatics.

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