USAIN BOLT won the highest accolades as a sprinter and he plans to do the same in the music game.

The Jamaican three time world-record holder’s had some extra time on his hands since retiring and decided to fill it by doing music.

But it isn’t just a hobby for Bolt, and just like on the running track, he’s gunning for the No.1 spot.

Bolt picked up eight gold medals during his running career and won’t be happy until he’s scooped its musical equivalent – a Grammy.

Embed from Getty Images

Speaking to The Times about his musical ambitions, Bolt said: “[I’m aiming] for the highest top, a Grammy.

“That would be a big thing. So that’s what we’re going to work towards.”

And he’s off to a good start, the album he released last month Country Yutes, has already hit No.1 on the  iTunes reggae chart.

However, Bolt also knows his got a long way to go to prove his credentials as an artist, because most people still view him as a sprinter.

But he’s fine with having to prove himself all over again to show the public he means business, and plans to let his first album do the talking.

When asked how he felt it, he added: “I’m fully OK with that. I think I should have to prove myself.

“This album is just to show people that I’m serious.”

It’s not just music that’s caught Bolt’s attention since he walked away from the track, the 35-year-old’s also become an avid investor.

Since becoming arguably the greatest artist of all time, major brands have been basically throwing themselves at him to do deals.

But instead of doing a deal with these companies, the shrewd businessman told them if they want to work with him, they have to give him equity instead of a cheque.

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