WEED ISN’T FOR EVERYONE as popular presenter Snoochie Shy found out after she tried it for the first time.

While most people find themselves chilled and in a relaxed state after taking the recreational drug, the 29-year-old found herself bouncing off the walls.

It was just her luck that the spliff she was inhaling had no tobacco in it, making it much stronger which led to her breakdancing under its influence.

And Snoochie wasn’t done there, her body-popping session was just the start of an emotional rollercoaster which ended with her feeling like she was about to die.

Embed from Getty Images

She discussed her brief relationship with weed on the No Behaviour podcast to show hosts Margs and Loons.

Snoochie said: “The one I tried didn’t have no tobacco in it, but the thing is when I was doing it, I couldn’t taste it. So I was like this is calm.”

So when the person Snoochie was doing it with offered her some more, she gladly obliged thinking it wasn’t having an effect.

But it was at this point that Snoochie started to get dancing fever, she added: “After that I started break dancing, [I went through] 3 stages.

“Break dancing, getting emotional, then I thought I was going to die.”

Her first encounter with weed was so scary that it was enough for Snoochie to never want to try it again, and she’s stayed away from it ever since.

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