A METROPOLITAN POLICE OFFICER is on trial for allegedly telling his colleagues to turn off their cameras so he could physically discipline a suspect.

After pulling over male Rafik Miah in Stoke Newington at 12.45am, he and one of the arresting officers Ian Smellie had a heated exchange, the Evening Standard reported.

And the 64-year-old cop allegedly didn’t like what Miah had to say, so decided to strike the suspect, according to prosecutor Emily Baxter.

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But not before making sure his fellow officers had turned off their cameras so the incident wasn’t recorded, Baxter claimed.

Addressing City of London magistrates court, Baxter said: “Once the search of Mr Miah was complete, PC Smellie removed his Met vest and said to other officers present ‘cameras off’.

“He then guided Mr Miah around the corner by the arm, and officers say he appeared to want to speak with him around the corner.”

Part of the Miah’s stop and search was caught on camera, and he can be heard protesting being detained and calling one of the female officers a ‘bxtch.’

This seems to send Smellie over the edge and he then tells his cop friends: “Hold on, turn your cameras off.”

But Smellie has a different version of events and claims that he was only protecting himself as Miah had attacked him when they went round the corner, and vehemently denies assaulting him.

The pensioner insists he only took Miah round there to ask him why he thought he could speak to officers in that way.

He said: “I was interested to know why Mr Miah thought he could speak to us in the way that he had.

“Instead of saying anything, he swung his left arm at my head. I swung my right arm out at his arm to block the swing, and stop a follow-up blow from him.”

“I may not have been very professional in challenging Mr Miah to say what he wanted to say, but I did not assault him.”

Smellie stuck to the same story he gave to police when he was initially questioned and was also adamant that he only removed his vest with the camera to help relieve his persisting back problems.

However Smellie’s colleagues Nicholas Cousins and Bradley Francis admitted that he did strike Miah, and although it was only a light clip, his actions did shock them.

But they did agree that it was standard procedure to tell each other to turn off their cameras after a stop and search as they often forget to do so.

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Cousins said: “There was some form of interaction between them. I don’t know what was being said.

“I heard PC Smellie say in a raised voice ‘you think you are a big man.

“With his right arm, he raised it up. It wasn’t a punch, it was a clip motion.

“I was a little bit shocked as to what was happening, and just wanted to process it myself.

“It was just a very strange way for the stop to end. It wasn’t something I was used to seeing or accustomed to.”

Francis gave the same account as Cousins, but did add that Miah had thrown a punch at Smellie that didn’t connect.

He said: “They were squaring up to each other, although Mr Miah is quite a lot shorter”, he told the court.

“There was pushing and shoving from both, and PC Smellie raised his right arm and kind of clipped him around the ear.

“Mr Miah stepped back and has thrown a punch at PC Smellie which didn’t connect.”

Smellie, from Holloway, north London, denies assault by beating.

The trial in front of District Judge Samuel Goozee continues.

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