THE NEXT WOLF OF WALL STREET could be black and from London if investment bank Morgan Stanley has its way.

Stanley are on a mission to get more black people into the world of banking and are pioneering a program in London to level out the playing field for the ethnic minority in a game that is predominantly white, Bloomberg reported.

The program, named the Morgan Stanley Experienced Professionals Program which begins in February, is being launched to give those from the black community a head start in banking which was a previously a myth.

Stanley will start accepting applications for the internship this month, and those accepted will have to endure eight weeks of training to get an almost guaranteed spot at the firm.

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Although the chosen few won’t start off with a salary like the Wolf of Wall Street, who was made popular in the self-titled film by Leonardo Di Caprio, they will receive the same wages as those already working at Stanley in similar roles.

Stanley decided to pilot the scheme in the UK after debuting an identical one on America’s infamous Wall Street last September.

It led to 70 black people getting a job at the firm despite over 800 applications for a role there.

The scheme which was introduced by one of the rare black executive’s at Stanley and on Wall Street, Derek Melvin, who wants his bank to be one of the leaders in diversity in the sector.

He said: “Everything I’ve heard and everything I’ve experienced has been that Morgan Stanley has been in line historically with the rest of the Street, which is not where you want to be, right?”

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