IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD the term ‘BLRRRD’ made famous by South Memphis rappers Big 30 and Pooh Shiesty this year then you must’ve been living under a rock.

The Choppa Gang members blew up in the rap game over the past 12 months and so did their infamous ‘Blrrrd’ ad-lib.

It would be a miracle to find one of the duo’s tracks that isn’t laced with Blrrrd in the background from start to finish.

Big 30 loves the sound so much that he even dedicated a whole song to it, which has amassed nearly 10million YouTube views.

Along with the Blrrrd song, the 21-year-old also decided to get a matching chain with the term on the pendant.

But when 30 and Shiesty came up with Blrrrd, music was the last thing on their minds.

And 30 revealed that it only came about because he and Sheisty wanted to re-create gun sounds on their songs.

Embed from Getty Images

Which is quite easy for engineers to do in this day and age with all the tech at their disposal.

But 30 and Shiesty were so deeply entrenched in the streets that they didn’t even know it was possible, which led them to use their vocal cords creatively to make it happen.

30 explained how Blrrrd came about to Dirty Glove Bastard, he said: “When we used to be recording, we didn’t know engineers could make gun sounds.

“So nxggas used to (makes several gun noises) whatever, and we went Blrrrd and we stuck with it, we fxcked with it.

“Wrote it out how we gon’ spell it, started hashtagging it everywhere, you know what I’m saying, started putting it out there.”

Since 30 and his locked up partner Shiesty put Blrrrd on the map, there’s been several copycat rappers who’ve stolen their lingo and tried to make it their own.

But 30 ain’t got a problem with the imitators, because he feels good that he can inspire others with their movement, and plus everyone knows who the Blrrrd originators are.

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He added: “I feel like I’m doing something good if a nxgga go behind me and say it, nxgga know the original though.

However, not everyone in the rap game’s happy about 30 and Shiesty’s claims that they created the word, and the pair have had a few online wars over its ownership.

Even if someone else did create it, 30 doesn’t care, because he feels he and Shiesty were the ones who made it hot and official by putting it on their chains.

30 nonchalantly continued: “I don’t give a fxck if you was saying it before it was discovered, nxgga know who put it on the map. Who put this shxt on a chain.”

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