BRIXTON’S KNOWN FOR ITS involvement in many iconic events in Britain, but none of them include technological innovation.

Over the past few decades the infamous South London area’s become a multicultural hub and a hot-bed for crime amongst it’s youth.

But one of it’s former residents, Karl Lokko, who has an intimate connection to the area, is on a mission to change the perception of Brixton with his tech-investor start-up Black Seed, which he formed with business partner Cyril Lutterodt.

Through Black seed, the pair hope to find the next person who will create the next Amazon, Google or Microsoft, by funding 30 black owned start-ups across Europe over the next three years with the £10million they’re in the process of raising.

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Lutterodt explained to the Financial Times: “We want Brixton to be the next black Silicon Valley.

“Black Seed is a community. We want to find the next Steve Jobs. The next black Jeff Bezos, the next black Bill Gates, the next black Larry Page. Black rebel ideas.”

And to ensure that Brixton becomes a tech pioneer, Black Seed will provide office space to the companies under their wing and give them access to other investors who have experience in the field.

Lokko’s passion for the project stems from his frustration over the lack of investment opportunities that people from his ethnic background have.

And in Lokko’s eyes the investment chances for a black person is so slim, they’re more likely to get cancer than get funding.

He said: “As a black founder, you’re more likely to get skin cancer than funding.”

Lokko plans to use the powerful network that he’s built over the years, which includes the likes of Richard Branson and Prince Harry to open doors for black innovators that they may not have be able to access alone.

And Lutterodt can attest to Lokko’s power as he approached the Brixton native for the same thing; to get his robotics start-up off the ground when they initially met years ago.

Lokko met Lutterodt when the Ghanaian native approached him for help in building his robotics start-up.

Lokko’s built a powerful network which includes the likes of Richard Branson and Prince Harry over the years due to the charity work they’ve done together, and Lutterodt hope

Lokko added: “We are able to access market opportunities that those that aren’t from our background can’t.

“Those gatekeepers have a particular lens [which means that] they’re missing everyone.”

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