AFRICAN DRILL SENSATION YAW TOG was in disbelief when he heard UK Grime heavyweight Stormzy wanted to jump on the remix to his banger Sore.

The 19-year-old became a global star overnight when his original version of the song was released on YouTube last year.

It quickly gained millions of views from all over the world and caught the attention of Big Mike who wanted a piece of the action.

But when Stormzy’s team reached out to the Ghanaian youngster’s crew, he thought they had to be pulling his leg.

When explaining to Noisey how their link-up came about, Tog said: “Bro it was crazy for real, I told them they should stop playing.

“Stormzy can never come on my song, because at that time I was just coming up. I knew nothing.”

Embed from Getty Images

But Tog knew it was no joke when Stormzy pulled up on him in the flesh, in his home-town of Kumasi, also known as Kumerica due to the town’s love of the United States, to get the job done.

It was a surreal experience for Tog who recalled: “It was crazy, he come down, [and] people were screaming and stuff.”

The duo’s remix also went on to do crazy numbers on YouTube, and currently has just under 5 million views in as many months.

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