NOT3S SHOT TO fame in the music game with his smash hit Addison Lee in 2017.

But despite the song, which peaked at No.57 on the UK Charts catapulting him to super stardom, Not3s wants to close the book on it.

The hit’s phenomenal success has been a gift and a curse for the 23-year-old, as people always link him to it, despite him evolving as a musician since then.

Which is why if the East Londoner had a choice, he’d never perform the song in front of an audience again.

Embed from Getty Images

Not3s let Zeze Mills know just how strongly he felt about the song on her show.

He said: “I’ve got songs that are way better than Addison Lee. “I don’t wanna perform Addison Lee ever again if I had the chance.”

It’s not because he hates the song, Not3s appreciates what the track done for his career, but he feels his new stuff is way harder than Addison Lee.

Not3s added: “Not because I don’t rate the song, or not because it wasn’t a banger in its time.

“But only because I got songs that I think are better out now, compared to three, four years ago.”

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