BRIXTON LEGEND STINKS was one of the pioneers of early street rap in the UK, along with his neighbourhood affiliates, infamous collective PDC.

But unfortunately the One Chance/Organised Crime (OC) boss was sent to prison for a long time in the early 2000’s, before he could make an impact on the game like fellow South Londoner and rap icon Giggs did.

During Stinks’ incarceration, the OC musical group was still bubbling on the scene, but although they were talented they couldn’t leave the streets behind, which saw them meet the same tragic fate as their older did – lengthy prison sentences.

This hurt Stinks as he had always tried to guide them to stick to music as it could be a way out of the ghetto.

Also, with the younger OC members also doing time, things weren’t looking good for Brixton’s music scene as no-one was left to carry the torch.

That was until Drill collectives Skengdo and AM, along with 410 members BT and Rendo burst onto the scene with venom, waving Brixton’s flag.

Seeing them achieve success has made Stinks proud as they’ve managed to make a career from selling music, which his youngers weren’t able to do.

Speaking to Big Ego Media, he said: “That’s why I think I enjoy seeing the ones that came after them do well, like AM and Skengdo, Rendo and BT.”

It isn’t just those groups that Stinks is proud of, there’s a bunch of Brixton youngster doing there thing, and although he may not know them personally, he fully supports what they’re doing musically.

Embed from Getty Images

Stinks added: “I’m not familiar with all of them, but I see them and I’m really behind them in terms of progress.

“We might not have a relationship, but I wanna see them win.”

And although he comes from Brixton, Stinks has got love for all artists from surrounding areas for doing their thing in the game.

He continued: “Not just them, the whole of that generation, I don’t care where you’re from.

“Whether you’re from the hill[Brixton], Kennington, or wherever you’re from.”

Being able to make their own lane in the music scene while avoiding spending their lives in prison like his generation, is something that gets his maximum respect, Stinks went on to say.

But despite all his joy and happiness to see the youngsters flourish, Stinks still feels pain when he thinks about his younger OC crew and what they could’ve been if they stayed out of prison.

He said: “I always wanted to see them do better, they was the generation that came after me, it hurts.”

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