YOUNG SPRAY believes there was no other choice but to attack a prison guard in HMP Doncaster for removing the omelette from his plate.

Because if he didn’t, people would’ve questioned his authenticity, as he had built a reputation for get it cracking with prison ‘screws’ in tense situations.

So if he let this violation slide, Spray thought he’d be seen as a ‘hoax’ and he weren’t on that, which is why he hit the guard with a clean left hook for taking his food without permission.

Spray explained how the situation went down on his RTM podcast, to his co-host Lady Ice Cream and his guest, the host of Delinquent Nation’s Prison Podcast.


He said: “His took the omelette, and I’m known for punching up screws (prison guards), so if I don’t punch him up, I’m a hoax.”

“Because this is what I do, when people like you these types of things, I have to hit you.”

And it weren’t just that screw that felt Spray’s wrath, his relative who’s also a prison guard ran over and ended up getting a slap too.

Spray added: “What’s happened now, they’ve come through, slap to the face.”

But the rap legend who was part of collective NorthStar didn’t just decide to start hitting the guards for no reason.

The podcaster felt he had to stand up for his principles in the situation, as he’s a Muslim, and wasn’t prepared to eat the alternative on offer which was bacon.

Muslim’s aren’t allowed to eat pork, so Spray felt he should be allowed to have the omelette even though his name wasn’t on the list that enabled him to do so.

The screw did offer him the choice of cereal, but as it was New Years Day, Spray thought why should he have to eat what’s normally on the menu.

Spray recalls what happened and said: “It’s 2002 New Year’s Day, I’ve down[stairs] I’m pissed, went to line up for breakfast. You got a choice of bacon, omelette and cereal.”

And the guy in front of him had just asked for an omelette and got given bacon so Spray knew the guard was going to try and do the same to him.

But despite this, Spray brazenly asked and got his omelette, then triumphantly walked off.


However, just as expected the guard wasn’t going to let that happen and called Spray over to stamp his authority.

Then the guard done the worst he could’ve done in Spray’s eyes, which was to take the omelette off of his plate.

That’s the point when all hell broke loose in the jail as Spray would’ve preferred to have got in trouble for the minor offence.

Because he was going back to the jail he had originally come from soon anyway, HMP Stoke Heath.

But after the melee, things got worse for Spray as he received an extra 2 years, 6 months on top of his initial sentence for hitting the guards on outside charges at Doncaster Court.

And looking back on it, Spray says now as a big man he wouldn’t of handled the situation as he did then, although he has no regrets.

The Realer Than Most originator added: “If you’ve been in jail, you understand that.

“But as a big man, man’s not gonna do that.”

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