THE SCENE where Kanan attacks another kid with a toy sock weapon provided by his mum on Power Book: Raising Kanan, wasn’t just for entertainment purposes.

This wasn’t a scripted moment, but a part of 50 Cent’s real life which the 46-year-old added to the show he co-directs.

50 claims that when he was a kid, his mother Sabrina Jackson made him do the same thing to prevent him becoming a victim.

The platinum rapper explained this in an interview with Page Six, where he said: “There’s a scene from the first episode where Kanan gets beat up and he goes back in the house and his mother puts the toys in the socks.

“That really happened; that was from my life.”

Embed from Getty Images

And 50, whose real name’s Curtis Jackson, happy obliged to carry the weapon as his mum scared him more than the other kids in the park did.

He added: “I got bumped around a lot in the park but I was more afraid of my mom than the people I got bumped around [by] because I could not escape her.”

It was these tough character building lessons that 50 received from his mum that’s made him the tough guy he is today, as she weren’t too keen on him showing emotions.

50 continued: “She was my mom and my dad and she was tough so I didn’t know when it was OK to be emotional and when it wasn’t.”

And when he was upset on the floor she would tell him, “Get up, what you over there crying for, acting like a little girl.”

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