GEORGE FLOYD’S seven-year-old daughter Gianna’s the main reason why Lil Baby joined the family on their visit to the White House in May.

After George was tragically slain, Baby built a bond with the youngster and decided to go along with her and the Floyd’s to mark the one year anniversary of his death for support.

Speaking on how he ended up at the President’s residence on MSNBC, Baby said: “I went to the White House with her [Gianna].”

And even after the trip to see President Joe Biden, and his deputy Kamala Harris, Baby’s still in touch with the youngster.

Embed from Getty Images

He added: “I’m still in contact with her, she had a birthday party in Atlanta, I face-time them often.”

But even before George died, Baby was close with a few of his family members.

The 4PF CEO’s tight with ex-basketball player Stephen Jackson who lead the protests after George’s passing, and is also his niece’s god-father.

Baby explained: “George Floyd’s niece is like my man Stacks [Jackson’s] god-daughter.

“From the time of the whole situation I was in tune with them.”

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