AFRICAN SINGER DAVIDO is confident that his investment in Bitsika, the company who are responsible for creating Africa’s version of Cash App will be a billion pound company in the next few years.

The Afro-beats superstar made the bold claim while picking up a set of iced-out rings with Bitsika’s logo on them from jewellery store Ice Box in America.

When he put on the dazzling diamonds, Davido said while inspecting them: “It’s about to be a billion dollar company in the next three years.”

But although the 28-year-old’s sure that the company will break the billion barrier, he doesn’t exactly know how, as he’s not sure what they actually do.

Embed from Getty Images

That part of the business doesn’t worry Davido, as all he knows is that his investments going to fill his pockets, and that’s all that matters.

He added: “I just sign the paper, all I know is that I get money at the end of the day.”

However, the Nigerian was rolling with someone who does know what the business does named Asa, who explained that Bitsika provide an easy solution to pay bills or transfer money around the globe, just like what westerners do with Cash App.

Asa said: “It’s basically just like the Cash App of Africa.”

And he also revealed that they’re slowly taking over the continent as they’ve launched in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and should be available in Kenya soon.

As reported by BENJAMIN DADA, Davido invested in the company which launched in 2019, last year.

Since they launched, Bitsika claim they raked in £21million from starting out until the time Davido jumped on board in 2020.

It’s been a love affair between them ever since they linked up, Bitsika say they chose to work with Davido because there’s no-one with his star power in Africa, and the musician said it was a no-brainer for him as they solved the problem of sending money around for him and his fans, so why wouldn’t he get involved.

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