DAVIDO doesn’t think much of Cartier watches and wouldn’t ever buy one because they ain’t worth much in his eyes.

The Nigerian singer values the finer things in life, and Cartier timepieces don’t fall in that bracket for him.

The Afrobeat’s superstar made that clear when he was picking up several rings with his Bitsika company logo on them at Icebox.

The jeweller’s also tried to get him to look at some watches on his shopping trip, and Davido didn’t mind as-long as they didn’t show him any Cartier’s.

He said: “I cant wear Cartier’s, they’re too cheap.”

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

But that was until the jeweller’s showed him the Rose Gold Skeleton Cartier that was flooded with diamonds and cost £100,000 dollars (£72,000).

After checking out the skelly, Davido had a change of heart about Cartier’s and said that he’ll be back for it at a later date.

Davido added: “I’ll come back for it,” and told the Ice Box members to put it away for him.

The jewellers, sensing they had had made Davido a fan of Cartier’s, tried to then entice him with a plain one.

But Davido wasn’t interested, and said while pointing at the rose gold edition: “I’m gonna come back for this one.”

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