BIRMINGHAM ARTIST M1LLIONZ burst into the rap game with a unique flow that set him apart from his peers.

But when something’s original, there’s always bound to be copy’s not that far behind.

Which is something that M1llionz has found himself up against as some rappers have tried to steal his winning formula in recent times.

However, it’s not the imitations that bother the Brum rhymer, as he knows it can happen in music, it’s only a problem when other artists try and act like they created the style, that gets to him.

Speaking about those that hi-jack his flow to Poet and Alhan on their show, he said: “You know what it is yeah, I think if you’re gonna jack the ting, if you’re gonna show man stripes then it’s calm.

“Because obviously it’s music innit, obviously that’s what’s gonna happen.

“But if you’re just gonna do it and act like you just come with the ting, then I dunno.”

Flow biting’s been a major part of hip-hop and has been happening since the beginning of time.

Critics used to get at Jay-Z for using Notorious B.I.G’s flow from time to time, but Hov would always pay homage to his fallen homie.

In recent times, Drake’s been accused of mimicking most UK hot artist’s styles, but he usually ends up doing a song with them which furthers their careers, so it balances things out.

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