STEVEN BERGWIJN will now be as flashy off the pitch as he is on it after splashing out on a diamond encrusted chain.

The Tottenham star’s got a pendant on the end of the blinding neck piece which has the numbers 1026 on it, that he picked up from A Jewellers.

But these numbers weren’t just randomly picked out by the 23-year-old, he chose the four figures as they hold deep, personal meaning to him.

This is because the numbers represent the dates when each of his son’s were born, which he shared with the jewellers when picking up his new piece.

Embed from Getty Images

One of the jewellers said: “What’s the 1026 mean, can I ask?”

And Bergwijn responded: “It’s the date of my son’s [birth], you know I have two?

“One is 10th [of] April, and one is 26 of February.”

And soon the ex-PSV man’s neck could be weighed down with even more chains if he has any more kids.

After explaining the meaning behind the one he just brought, the jeweller asked him: “What happens if you have any more kids?”

To which Bergwijn replied: “We make a new piece!”, which must’ve been music to the jewellers ears.

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