RAPPER BOOSIE is confident that Tupac would’ve also confronted Lil Nas X with him if the West Coast legend was still alive.

Boosie faced backlash for saying he would drag Lil Nas off the stage if he went ahead with his plans to perform naked at the VMA music award’s show.

But the Baton Rouge artist claims there’s no way that Pac would’ve sat there watching him get bashed in public without speaking up in his defence.

While discussing the issue on the Breakfast Club, Boosie said: “He [Pac] wouldn’t be letting me get dragged like this by myself. I feel that in my heart.”

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However, one of the show’s hosts Charlemagne disagreed and said: “I doubt it.”

But Boosie was sticking to his guns and quickly responded: “Yes he would, Pac would’ve said something.”

The 38-year-old entrepreneur also felt other rappers were scared to speak up about touchy issues because they feared being cancelled, which led Boosie to reiterate his point that only he and Pac were bold enough to be outspoken.

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He added: “I’m the only one speaking up, If Pac was here, he would’ve said something.”

Boosie even thinks that some things wouldn’t be accepted in today’s world if Pac and his rival slain rapper Biggie Smalls were still alive.

The Louisiana rhymer continued: “Times have changed, because all of this wouldn’t be going on if Pac and Biggie was here.

“Come on man, let’s keep it real.”

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