YOUNG ADZ is the latest celebrity to jump into the pool of trading Non-Fungible Tokens.

The rapper let it be known on Twitter than he had cashed out on a few NFT’s yesterday.

But he ain’t looking to be a collector of the one-of-a-kind trading card’s, the Lewisham native’s looking to make some serious money off of them.

After sharing his purchase with his followers, Adz asked where he can sell them for some Ethereum, which is the blockchain that supports NFT transactions.

Adz tweeted: “Cool I just bought my first NFTs how do I sell them for 100 eth each?”

And the D-Block Europe member ain’t the only one who’s splurged on the digital assets recently.

Earlier this month, YouTuber Logan Paul also claimed he spent a Million dollars (£727,985.00) on NFT’s in just one week.

But although it seems like this is the first time Young Adz has brought NFT’s to sell personally, he’s no stranger to the game.

In February, he and crew member Dirtbike LB dropped their first ever NFT’s which consisted of four collectibles, and each piece went on sale for 1 ETH.

Adz’s has been delving deeper into the cryptocurrency world as of late, the rapper recently shared on new song Lake 29 that he had Half a Million invested in crypto platform Binance.

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