RADIO PRESENTER EBRO is Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Motley’s newest fan after how she deftly dealt with a BBC presenter’s line of question about her country’s reliance on China.

The Hot 97 DJ was impressed with how Motley handled herself in the exchange with BBC’s Zeinab Badawi who claimed China’s money was taking over the Caribbean island.

But Motley fired back with some facts of her own about China’s European and American huge investments too which left Badawi lost for words.

Their chat, which went viral on Twitter caught Ebro’s attention and he wrote: “Barbados PM don’t play.”

Motley and Badawi sat down to discuss issues involving her country on the Global Questions show’s Lessons From Barbados edition.

During the conversation, Badawi highlighted that China had money tied up in all the Caribbean.

She said: “But its’s not just Barbados that’s moving closer to China, It’s the whole Caribbean, I mean investment from China has gone up many folds in the last few years.”

However, Motley had also done some research on China’s global investments, and responded: “But so is the whole world.

“If you look correctly, I think the Chinese hold a large percentage of assets within the United States of America.

Embed from Getty Images

“And a large amount of their treasuries as well.”

Motley went on to call Badawi’s narrative that the Caribbean are reliant on Chinese investment while America and Europe aren’t misleading.

And said it’s sad that Barbados and it’s neighbours aren’t seen as equals with their western peers who can also join in with key decisions facing the world such as climate change and Covid.

Motley added: “So, for you to focus on then Caribbean or Africa with China, without recognising the role that China is playing in Europe or in the North Atlantic countries is a bit disingenuous.

“And really reflects that we are seen as pawns regrettably rather than countries with equal capacity to determine our destiny.

“And to be part of that global conversation to fight the global issues of the day such as climate and the pandemic.”

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