MS BANKS and Steff London are two of the most popping female artists in the game at the moment.

They’re both well known for their hard flows and soft melodies, which is topped of with an abundance of sex appeal.

And it’s their captivating and sultry on-screen demeanours that Ms Banks thinks helped change the game for female rappers in this day and age.

As the female spitters that came before them were more focused on dropping hard bars to keep up with the male artists the scene was saturated with at the time.

Embed from Getty Images

But the South London rhymer feels she, Steff and a few others have pioneered a new lane for women rappers to thrive in which allows them to be sexy and street simultaneously.

In an interview with Viper Magazine, she said: “I came up in an era when women were more boisterous, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the likes of Steff London and I changed the narrative.”

And what makes it even cooler to Banks is that they haven’t had compromise their hood DNA in order to let their sexiness flow.

She added: “We kept it hood but made it sexier, and a lot of us are sick and I’m proud to be a part of that.”

The sexiness that Banks is on about is on full display in her latest track with Steff called Dip that’s amassed over 3million YouTube views in just one week.

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