Lil Baby’s one of the hottest artists in the rap game but he’s always got time for those coming up under him.

This is because when Baby was starting out, his Atlanta neighbour Future had time for him so it’s only right that he does the same now.

Baby revealed that before he even got his feet in the game he bumped into Hendrix at a LA airport when he was by himself.

And instead of acting like he was to big to kick it with Baby, who he didn’t know at the time, Future showed his appreciation to the self-proclaimed Hero for pulling up on him.

Embed from Getty Images

Baby broke down how they first met on EBN media, he said: “When I first met him, I see him in LA by himself one time.

“I just pushed up on him myself and said I fxck with you, before I was a rapper.

“I told him you Atlanta to me, you somebody to me.”

This was big for Baby at the time as he knows how rappers can be diva’s when they’re popping.

He added: “I know how young rappers come in the game, especially when they buzzing.

“They start acting like (pulls face with hand gestures), you know what I’m saying.”

And that’s exactly why Baby won’t treat new rappers different to how Future dealt with him now that he’s the hottest in the game, because he knows how it feels.

Plus Baby’s aware that one day, some of the younger artists will be at the top of the game like he is now, so it’s important to keep good relationships with them.

He went on to say: “One day I’m gonna be older, there’s gonna be a new young rapper and they’re (fans) gonna be looking up to him like how people used to look up to me.

“I’m kinda seeing stuff before it unfolds, so I already know how to handle certain situations.

“I know better than to be on some other shxt.”

And Future’s humble attitude early has seen him and Baby develop a fruitful working relationship over the last few years.

The ATL duo put out the hot single Got It Out The Mud in 2019 which hit 49million YouTube views and Live Out My Closet a year later which reached 10million views on the platform and appeared on Baby’s album, My Turn.

But despite coming from the same city and putting out hits together, Baby revealed he and Future don’t even speak away from music.

He said when it’s time for them to work, he just pulls up on Future, they do what they do and then he’s gone until the next time.

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