SOULJA BOY thinks he’s had more influence on rap culture than Jay-Z because he’s one of the early pioneers of the Internet.

While 48-year-old Hov on the other hand don’t even know how to use the net, which is arguably the most used tool in the world today, Soulja claims.

And that’s why the Kiss Me Thru The Phone rapper believes this generation of kids can relate to him instead of Hov, who ain’t even got an Instagram account.

When he asked who’s hotter out of him and Jay on Complex Brackets, hosted by Brian ‘B.Dot’ Miller, Soulja said: “I definitely got more influence than Hov.

Embed from Getty Images

“I started the Internet, Jay-Z don’t know nothing about the Internet, Jay-Z don’t even have Instagram.

“Probably more people know Soulja Boy than Jay-Z, I got the Kids.”

Soulja, who’s got viral songs on TikTok like She Makes It Clap, went onto to say that his presence on the social media platform, and his use of popular video game Fortnite is the reason why most youngsters are rocking with him, but would struggle to tell you who Jay-Z is.

When the show’s host B.Dot leapt to the Roc Nation owner’s defence, listing all of his achievements over the years, including owning luxury champagne brand Ace Of Spades, Soulja was having none of it and repsonded: “Kids don’t drink Champagne!”

But Soulja did admit that Jay is probably more well established than him among the older generation, and that he does look up to the entrepreneur.

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