FANS OF some of the biggest clubs in the Premier League will now allegedly get to have a say in some of the key decisions their clubs make in the future.

This is after Prem trio Man City, Arsenal and Leeds done a £150 deal with app which will allow fans to use tokens that work like cryptocurrency to get involved with what happens with their teams behind the scenes, The Telegraph made it known.

The app’s founder, Alexandre Dreyfus told the newspaper that the clubs got involved because he showed them how they can capitalise off of fan’s digital engagement in this day and age.

The tokens will cost supporters £2 each, and the more they buy, the more say they’ll have in the team, just like if they brought shares in a company.

Embed from Getty Images

But these won’t be major decisions like who the club will buy or sell, for now Telegraph say it will be choices like what songs should be played at the stadium.

The tokens are sold on a cryptocurrency Chiliz, which uses a blockchain to move cash around, like Bitcoin and Ethereum does.

And it’s not just City, Arsenal and Leeds that are involved in the deal, a few European big shots like Barcelona, Juventus and PSG have also jumped in.

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