GIGGS AND TINY BOOST have made some serious street bangers together in their time in the booth.

The SN1 members have been sparring on tracks since before Giggs released his debut album Walk In The Park over a decade ago.

But Boost is the youngest official recruit in the rap collective so some may be wondering how he ended up next to the rap veteran.

And while Hollowman may of been aware of the younger Boost in the streets as they both come from Peckham, It was Boost’s musical talent that made the Landlord sit up and take notice of him.

Embed from Getty Images

In an interview on Wazzup Tonight while he was touring America, Giggs revealed that he was a fan of Boost before they got in the booth together.

And he thought that Boost, who started off in PYG, was so hard that he had to recruit him.

Giggs said: “Tiny Boost, when I first heard him I thought nah this brudda’s cold.

“Then I hit him up, like yeah your ting’s cold, when I worked with him I was a fan.”

After the Landlord hit him up, they went on to release the Who Said Dat mixtape which tore up the streets, along with a bunch of SN1 projects including Another Quick One.

But due to the unfortunate incarceration of Tiny Boost for a number of year’s, the duo were forced things on ice for a few years.

This ain’t stopped them though and they’re still going strong, regularly appearing on one another’s project’s and most importantly they still rep SN1.

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