SKEPTA’S one of the first UK rappers who has ventured into fashion and design by launching his trainer colloboration with Nike.

Even across the globe there’s not many rap stars who can say they’ve had their own shoe, apart from 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

This puts Skepta in an elite class, and Chip took some time out of his day to let his Tottenham affiliate know how dope he thinks it is that the Boy Better Know producer has got his own crep.

To see someone that he grew up with work with, and design a pair of Nike’s, (which Chip says is a brand everyone in the ends wears from the day they’re born until the day they’re dead) is mind-blowing.

Embed from Getty Images

The CM boss spoke about how mad Skepta’s achievement is while rocking a pair of his latest Nike design, the Air Max Tailwind 5’s (which were released in June) in Kick Game.

He said: “So man’s looking at my Nike crep and I’ve got on my brudda from ends’ logo.

“He’s adapted the TN logo, that’s like a big thing, it’s gone past just taking clothes.”

Just the fact that someone from his world is in the same building with a brand like Nike, having an input on what their selling is inspirational to Chip.

He added: “To even see someone get in the building, get on the designing side, adapting classic crep to bring them forward.”

Skepta’s been working with Nike since 2016 when they dropped the Nike Air BW Blacklisted edition.

Since then, they’ve had a prosperous working relationship which has seen them release five additional pairs on Nike’s including the latest red SK’s in the collection.

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