MOST PEOPLE know Tyson Beckford as a model who made the runway his own in the 1990’s.

He got his big break in 1993 when he became the face of fashion brand Ralph Lauren.

After that his career went from strength to strength and he was named the Man Of The Year in 1995 by VH1.

But while the world knew him for being a pretty boy, his past is the furthest thing from that.

The model revealed that before he graced the world’s finest catwalks in the most luxurious brands he used to run with the infamous Jamaican Shower Posse Crew.

Embed from Getty Images

After taking over the Caribbean Island, they extended their power to New York, where Tyson grew up.

And being as his mother was of Jamaican descent it was easy for him to fit in with the crew when he was a teenager.

Although he went on to make it out of ruthless environment that he grew up in, and became a mega-star.

His life could’ve have a completely different outcome, if a snitch that infiltrated the Shower Posse had it his way.

Tyson revisited his past in an interview with DJ Vlad, where he revealed: “We had a somebody in the group that was a snitch, it was funny when he came around because we all knew something wasn’t right because he was asking way to many questions.

If the New Yorker wasn’t wiser than his peers in the group, he could’ve just been coming out of prison just like them.

He added: “He came to me at least three times asking all sorts of questions. And I felt like the second time he was wearing a wire.”

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