IF IT weren’t for the elder’s on Jadon Sancho’s Kennington Estate in South London, he may of never got into football.

Because it was there on his block where the 21-year-old fell in love with the game after watching the older guys kick ball.

But it was one game in particular that caught Sancho’s attention and made him want to get involved.

This was nutmeg rush, the classic game in which someone gets nutmegged on the pitch, all the other members would jump that person.

Although the person who had to firm the hits may not of found it funny, it was hilarious to a young Sancho who couldn’t wait to get involved.

Embed from Getty Images

Sancho explained how he was introduced to the game to Rio Ferdinand on BT Sport.

He said: “We used to play nutmeg rush, if you nutmeg someone you just rush them.

“I just saw that and thought it was funny.”

But seeing as the winger was still abit younger than the boys on the block, he had to wait his turn before they let him join in.

He added: “Because I was younger, they didn’t wanna let me because it was rough.”

However as he got older they let him in the game and the rest was history.

Sancho carried on: “As I got older, they started to introduce me and then started to play.”

That early block training that Sancho got has seemed to of paid off as he’s gone on to take to football world by storm.

After tearing up the Bundesligia with 43 goals in 125 games, he’s moved to Man United for £73m this summer.

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